School of Social Sciences

Economic History and Development Studies

Economic History and Development StudiesGraduates with economic history
specialisations and/or qualifications enter various sectors of the
economy including, but not limited to: banking and other financial
services, local and national government, business and management
consultancy; accountancy, tax advisory work, insurance and trading,
economic analysis and research; manufacturing and utility.

graduates will assume job titles as: Researcher; Research Analyst,
Media Research Assistant; Development officer, Country Director;
Accountant/Analyst; Operations Analyst; Tax Assistant; Assistant
Manager; Financial Analyst ; Revenue Analyst ; Policy Adviser; Research
Analyst; Research Officer ; Senior Associate; Investment Representative;
Economist; Market Risk Analyst; Equity Analyst; Rating Specialist
Researcher; Lecturer/Professor in social policy; economic history,
development studies; etc.

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the discipline are offered
from Howard College (HC) in Durban. Economic history is offered as a
major in the Bachelor of Social Science

First Year:

  • Political Economy of Food in a Global Context (ECHS 101 H1)
  • Globalisation Then and Now (ECHS 102 H2)

Second Year:

  • Political Ecology (ECHS 205 H1)
  • Capitalism & Industrialization(ECHS 207 H1)
  • Southern Africa and the World Economy (ECHS 208 H2)
  • Capitalism & Development (ECHS 209 H1)
  • Development in Southern Africa (ECHS 210 H2)
  • Workplacement for Experiential Learning (ECHS2WP H1)

Third Year:  

  • Development in a Changing World Economy (ECHS 303 H1)
  • Key Themes in Development Today (ECHS 304 H2)
  • Economic Change in Tropical Africa (ECHS 305 H1)
  • Regional Economic Change (ECHS 306 H2)