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2016 KZN Young Achievers Award Recipient Creating Opportunities for Graduates

Young people being equipped for greatness
Young people being equipped for greatness
Young people being equipped for greatness
Bishop Geoff Davies and his wife, Kate, with UKZN staff.

Sanele Gamede is a young Entrepreneur, an Educational Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality, Small Medium and Micro Enterprise Lecturer at Westville Correctional Services, Personal Development Coach, A Facilitator, a Father, Author of “The Graduate Pack”, CEO and Founder of ILADA HOLDINGS. He is a graduate of the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, holding a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in Media and Management and a Bachelor of Social Sciences Honours Degree in Cultural and Media Studies. He is currently pursuing his Master Degree in Cultural and Media Studies at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. He has spoken in many events and including his current segment of educational motivation on Highway Radio 101.5 FM every Thursday at 22:00.

The recipient of the 2016 KZN Young Achievers Award has hit newspaper headlines before, profiled by different newspapers, including the UKZN Online Indaba, Isolezwe, Daily News, and Sowetan for winning the 2016 KZN Young Achievers Award. He has also been profiled and contributed in different radio stations, including Ukhozi FM, Imbokodo FM, Highway FM, Gagasi FM and Izwi lomzansi. He has recently been interviewed on SABC Morning Live regarding the 1st Annual Life after Graduation Seminar organized by his company.

On a daily bases Mr Gamede is running Ilada Holdings, a personal development and training company, which runs different programmes including learner development programmes in high schools across KZN.  When asked why he is doing what is doing every day, “I do what I do every day to help government”, Gamede responded. “A lot of young people expert government to do things for them instead of asking themselves how they can contribute in changing the daily social issues that South Africa face”, Gamede added.

Apart from the programmes that Mr Gamede runs, he is an Author of “The Graduate Pack”, which is a practical guide for job seekers, written mainly for graduates and anyone who is either looking for a job, preparing a CV or going for an interview. It is written in a period where job opportunities are very scares across the globe and there only way for one to scoop their desired job is to make sure they are ready enough. The book , which will be available during the 1st Annual Life after Graduation Seminar, resume by a educational motivation and reassurance to the reader that it is possible and as long the reader is ready to prepare him/herself. “I realized that many graduates sometimes don’t get employed because either their personal branding is poor, they are not ready for an interview, their Curriculum Vitae is not written well or they don’t know where they can search for jobs”, Gamede elaborated on what inspired him to write the book.

Mr Gamede, speaking to our journalist, extended an invitation to every students to the 1st Annual Life after Graduation Seminar to be held at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal Howard College campus on the 27th of September 2017. He further invited companies and employment agencies to come exhibit or recruit graduates during the seminar. The event is all about creating a platform for young people to be exposed to opportunities they can explore after they have graduated. It is a platform for graduates to socialize with one another, connect with companies and make relationships with different government for the purpose of job opportunities.  “This event is going to create a great opportunity to students, motivate, education them and they are going to walk away with great information about where they can look for job opportunities or start their small businesses”, said Gamede. The line-up of speakers and presenters confirmed is going to amaze everyone and students should make sure they buy a copy of The Graduate Pack” he emphasized.

Asked to share his secret to success to graduates and young people, Gamede mentioned that people use different secrets but he advised young people to never allow a situation where there are opportunities around them but they don’t use them. “Be an opportunist and see an opportunity in any situation,” he added.  According to Sanele Gamede the greatest mistake that many people make is not being ready when an opportunity comes and failing to understand that every NO they get, gets them closer to their YES. When ask who is his role model, Gamede answered, “currently my role model is the greatest hustle Sbusiso Leope AKA DJ Sbu”,

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