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Humanities Student Publishes Second Self Help Book

Social Sciences student Mr Khethani Njoko with his second self-help book titled: It Has Nothing To Do With Life.

Social Sciences student in the College of Humanities Mr Khethani Njoko has published his second self-help book titled: It Has Nothing To Do With Life.

The book seeks to answer many questions people have about life and what is expected from them to live life to the fullest.

‘Life is a beautiful gift from God which has two important days – the one you were born and the one when you realise why you were born,’ said Njoko. ‘If you haven’t realised the purpose of why you were born you are missing the sense of life which leads to many people harming and hurting themselves.

‘Everybody has an ability to be great in this world but some people lack understanding about life and end up failing to tap in to their full potential.’

His book consists of 13 chapters which he regards as rules to be understood in order not to clash with the universe and to enjoy life.

The chapters are: Your Future is in Your Hands, Life is not Unfair, Everything Happens for a Reason, Different People have Different Time Zones, We Can’t be all Rich or Poor, Be the Change You Want To See, We are all Unique In Different Ways, The Importance of Understanding The Self, Negative and Positive Balances in Life, Plan of the Universe Versus our Own, We are all Bound To Fail and Fall, Mind your Tongue, and Death is not a Tragedy.

Offering advice, Njoko says, ‘The meaning of life is finding your gift and its purpose in sharing it. Our purpose is to find ourselves in this world and know all our abilities and capabilities to tap into the full potential of our lives. In life, you can achieve anything at any time with no limitations. Until you discover how powerful you are, you will never live your life to the fullest.’

The book is available at all major bookstores and through Njoko’s website

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