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Academic Becomes One of 25 Certified Clinical Sociologists in the World

Dr Mariam Seedat-Khan.
Dr Mariam Seedat-Khan.
Dr Mariam Seedat-Khan.
Dr Mariam Seedat-Khan.

Dr Mariam Seedat-Khan, a Sociologist at the School of Social Sciences, has become one of only 25 certified Clinical Sociologists in the world.

Seedat-Khan was recently accredited by the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS, also making her one of just three women in South Africa to be certified by the AACS.)

Seedat-Khan considers this as a landmark moment in her distinguished career.

She was honoured with the recognition by the Certification Review Committee at the International Sociological Association World Congress in Canada.

Her research was characterised by the committee as ‘professional and clearly demonstrated a clinical sociological perspective in your area of expertise, teaching and learning interventions in the field of education’.

Seedat-Khan developed teaching and learning interventions over a 10-year period which resulted in a management tool that provides individuals with learning tools and techniques that they can use throughout their lives.

With 20 years of teaching, training and research experience at UKZN and the University of the Witwatersrand, Seedat-Khan remains passionate and committed to the research process of understanding human relationships, life coaching and innovation.

Trained in Canada and South Africa, she travels extensively to keep updated on current research, practices and innovation in the field of human and cognitive development. Her interest in human society provides insight into behaviour within social, corporate and educational institutions.

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