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PhD study explores Knowledge Management Capability in Nursing Care Performance

Dr Olateju Ajanaku was awarded a PhD in Information Studies for her study on Knowledge Management Capability in Nursing Care Performance in selected Teaching Hospitals in South West Nigeria.
Dr Olateju Ajanaku
Dr Olateju Ajanaku

The study found that information technology had a significant influence on nursing care performance, while organisational culture and organisational structure were not significant predictors of such performance. The knowledge process positively influenced nursing care performance.

Information technology, organisational structure, and organisational culture in knowledge management infrastructure, were found to positively and significantly influence the knowledge management process (knowledge acquisition, conversion, application, and protection). The combined relationship between the dimensions of knowledge infrastructure (information technology, organisational structure, and organisational culture) and the knowledge process strongly and significantly influenced nursing care performance in the teaching hospitals.

Challenges identified in leveraging knowledge management capability to support nursing care, included the lack of a knowledge management policy; a lack of information technology infrastructure; insufficient information technology support for nurses; the shortage of nurses; out-dated and obsolete equipment; dilapidated infrastructure; inconsistent supply of consumables and materials; power failures; insufficient financial support from the federal government; a lack of motivational incentives; inadequate working conditions and poor salaries.

The study’s recommendations include provision of adequate financial resources and replacement of out-dated equipment by the government; implementation of information technology facilities; a consistent power supply and employment of more skilled nurses, while ensuring continuous re-training.

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