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Humanities student publishes third book

UKZN student Mr Khethani Njoko, author of Victim Man
UKZN student Mr Khethani Njoko, author of Victim Man
UKZN student Mr Khethani Njoko, author of Victim Man
UKZN student Mr Khethani Njoko, author of Victim Man

Social Sciences student Mr Khethani Njoko recently published his third book.

While Victim Man highlights the large number of women and children that are victims of various forms of abuse on a daily basis, Njoko reminds the reader that men are also victims. He believes that some men’s behaviour is due to the fact that they were once victims of the system and never received proper psychological treatment. They have thus transferred their anger to women and society at large. The book aims to liberate men from this cycle.

‘Driven by their own experiences of victimisation, Black men are at the centre of many of the problems society experiences today. Through healing and restored wholeness, they can become key agents of liberation and transformation. However, to do so, they need the support of society,’ he said.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Humanities Professor Nhlanhla Mkhize commented: ‘Njoko argues that Black men have been victimised by the colonial system, leading to the internalisation of an inferiority complex that manifests itself in violence against women, amongst other things. Spiritual disconnection and the historical portrayal of Blacks in general as people without a history and civilization are implicated in the problem. The book raises many interesting points in a simple narrative and engaging style. It provides rich reading material for those interested in the plight of Black boys and men, in particular, and gender relations in general.’

Dean and Head of the School of Arts Professor Nobuhle Hlongwa also recommends the book to those that wish to see a transformed society that is free of any form of abuse and who have an interest in the issue of gender inequality. She said: ‘Njoko puts forward a vision for a new kind of man who will not victimise or remain a victim himself. He calls for all Africans to come together and form a foundation of knowledge and wisdom. His book expounds on the issues that affect men as victims and proposes solutions to fight this scourge.’

The book costs R250 and can be ordered by clicking HERE.

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