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Municipal Public Policy growth explored in Masters Study

Mr Mphathesithe Mkhize.
Mr Mphathesithe Mkhize.

Mr Mphathesithe Mkhize graduated with his Master of Social Sciences.

His research on Localising the Sustainable Development Goals in Rural Municipalities through Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships: A case study of Nkandla Local Municipality investigated the role of local government in localising the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through multi-stakeholder partnerships to achieve long-term municipal objectives.

‘The United Nations’ (UN) goals’ primary intent is to help institutions such as small municipalities to address global problems within their local areas. In South Africa, most municipalities are faced with development related challenges, such as unemployment, low levels of economic growth, poverty, and weak infrastructure, with the worst affected municipalities being rural ones,’ he said.

He strongly believes that the global problems confronting society can be solved through efficient application of public policy. ‘My research will contribute to research on the SDGs and will contribute to the growing area of research on localising them the role of partnerships.’ He recommends that small municipalities improve such partnerships in order to achieve the goals of Agenda 2030.

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged him during his research but support from his loved ones kept him going, ‘I juggled studies with work even though it wasn’t easy. My family’s love and interest in my academic career means that today they are enjoying the fruits.’

Mkhize plans on pursuing his PhD. ‘My advice to Masters and PhD students is to conduct research on what you like. It makes life easier for your research career. If you research what you like, you become more determined to shine in it.’

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