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Humanities Academic Delivers Lecture Series as Visiting Professor at US University

UKZN academic Dr Joseph Rukema (fifth, from left) at Morgan State University in the United States.
UKZN academic Dr Joseph Rukema (fifth, from left) at Morgan State University in the United States.

Senior lecturer in the School of Social Sciences Dr Joseph Rukema was recently a visiting professor at Morgan State University (MSU) in Maryland in the United States where he presented a faculty lecture series and was a guest speaker.

Rukema also met with the Student Advisory Committee to discuss possible collaborations between UKZN and MSU for research and the exchange of information. The visit was additionally an opportunity for him to network and share information.

Contributing to the MSU module on Sociology of Oppression, Rukema provided an African perspective on the ‘lived experience of colonialism in Africa’. He discussed the historical background of colonialism on the continent, demonstrated how colonialism has shaped contemporary Africa, and examined challenges and prospects on the continent.

Rukema also participated in the module Race and Ethnic Relations, sharing an African perspective on the topic while hearing from his American counterparts about race and ethnic relations.

As a guest speaker, he discussed experiences of rainforest people (commonly known as pygmies) in the Great Lakes region in gaining access to university education. Prospects, challenges, possible intervention and conducting research on pygmy communities were highlighted.

He also attended a talk at Loyola University in Maryland on Black educators and school reform while at the Freedom Church in the USA, he participated in a community programme on ‘manhood’ where he shared his experience and research on ‘manhood management’ from a migrant perspective in South Africa.

‘My visit to the US was enjoyable and productive,’ said Rukema. ‘My thanks go to Professor Omari Jackson of Morgan State University for hosting me, the entire management team of MSU and the many other universities I visited. I also thank the School of Social Sciences and its Dean, Professor Vivian Ojong, for creating an enabling environment for academic growth.’

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