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Anand Singh

Anand Singh


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Howard College Campus

Office Address

MTB: Room 267

Degrees Held

  • BA(Hons); MA;MSc; PhD

Research Interests

  • Migration; Indian Diaspora, Anthropology of Development; Sustainable Development

Teaching Interests

  • Theory; Research Methods; Sustainable Development; Applied Anthropology; Households and Families.


Journal articles & Book chapters

  • “The State, Ethnicity and Violence Against Indians in South Africa” in the Eastern Anthropologist, 45:4: October to December 1992.
  • “Variations in Tradition or Contradictions in Consciousness: Hindu Women in the South African Diaspora” Guru Nanak Journal of Sociology, Vol. 16, No.2, October 1995.
  • “Variation and Fluidity in Household Composition in Phoenix, Durban”. Social Dynamics Volume 22, Number 1, 1996.
  • “Variation and Fluidity in Household Composition in Phoenix, Durban”. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Autumn, 1996.
  • “Cultural Entrepreneurship and the Culturalisation of Politics Among Indians in South Africa”, Alternation (Journal of the Centre for the Study of Southern African Literature and Languages), 4: 1: p93-114 ,1997.
  • “Residents Perceptions of Informal Settlements: The Situation in Clare Estate, Durban”. Urban Research Working Papers: Vol. 43, 1998, Sociology, Vrije University of Amsterdam. (This is a special edition titled: “Living on the Edge: Squatters in the Durban area, South Africa”).
  • * The structure and conclusion of the third and fourth articles above are different.
  • “Cultural Politics and Identity among People of Indian Origin in Durban, South Africa”: Eastern Anthropologist 51:4:p315-332, 1998.
  • “Women and Creativity in Sustainable Development, Reflections from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa”, Journal Of Social Sciences, Vo l3, no. 3, July 1999 .
  • “Women and Empowerment through the ‘Economy of Affection’ in KwaZulu-Natal: Its Significance for Sustainable Development”, Development Southern Africa, vol. 16, no. 3, Spring 1999.
  • “Indigenous patterns of social networking in rural areas: an indispensable mechanism for spill over effects in sustainable development” in C.A. Brebbia and J.L. Uso (eds) Ecosystems and Sustainable Development ii: Advances in Ecological Sciences. WIT Press, Southampton, June 1999.
  • “Use of Indigenous Knowledge and Social Networking in Resource Management A Case Study in Sustainable Development from KwaZulu-Natal”, Journal of Social Sciences, vol.4, no.1, 2000.
  • “Public transport in Durban. Indian privilege versus African empowerment process and perceptions”, Alternation, vol. 7, no. 2, 2000.
  • “Finding a new school in post-apartheid South Africa: educational space as reinforcement for ethnic identity”, The Oriental Anthropologist, vol. 1, no. 1, pp1-20 2001
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  • In print: “Socialisation patterns among Indian children in secondary schools: some reflections of integration from post-apartheid South Africa “, Alternation: 2002, 9:1:p 142-152.
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  • “A Decade After South Africa’s First Democratic Election: Prospects for Indigent African Learners in Durban”, Childhood Education, 81:6:p333-337: International Focus Issue 2005
  • “Towards a Theory of National Consciousness: Values and Beliefs in Education as a Contribution to ‘Cultural Capital’ in Post-Apartheid South Africa”: Journal of Asian and African Studies: 40:5:p323-343:2005
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  • “A Historical Reconstruction of Political, Social and Economic Challenges Amongst People of Indian Origin in Post-Apartheid South Africa”, The Oriental Anthropologist, 7:1: January 2007: pp1-16. Guest Editor: ANAND SINGH.
  • “50 Years After Hilda Kuper: Case Studies of Courtship and Marriage in the Hindustani Community in Durban”, The Anthropologist, 9:2:April 2007: pp151-159
  • “Indian Communities Abroad: Globalisation, Adaptation and Renegotiation of Identity”, The Anthropologist, Special Issue Number 2 on INDIAN DIASPORA The 21st Century: Migration, Change and Adaptation: January 2007: pp1-8. Edited by ANAND SINGH
  • “South African Indian migration in the twenty-first century: towards a theory of triple identity”, Asian Ethnicity, vol.9: no.1 (Feb 2008): pp 5-17.
  • “Trans-nationalism and the Extended/Joint Family: Reconceptualising Youth, Work Options and Preferences among Indian Youth in Durban, South Africa”, Journal of Social Sciences, Special Volume No. 10, on Youth and Migration, pp 1-9:2008. Edited by ANAND SINGH
  • “A Critical Evaluation of Attitudes towards Joint and Extended Family Structures among People of Indian Origin in Durban, South Africa”, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Vol. 39 (4) Autumn 2008 (to be out sometime around November ’08).
  • “Contextualising Migration and Diasporic Studies in the 21st Century”: (Editor): Anthropologist Special issue Number 4: pp1-5; plus EDITORIAL.
  • “Environmental Design, Crime and the Re-Racialisation of South African Society”, (with Shanta Singh), Anthropologist, Special Issue No. 4.
  • 2009 Journal of Social Sciences: “Language Policy and Communication in Post-Apartheid Education Towards a Theory of ‘Lingocide’”: 18:2:pp127-136.
  • 2010 co-editor + Editorial Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) (SAPSE approved) Publishers: KRE, New Delhi special edition Adversity to Advantage: The Saga of People of Indian Origin in South Africa.
  • 2010 JSS (pp39-50) : “Women in Durban, South Africa: Family and Marriage as Anchorage for Change” (co-written with Nadene Harisunker MA Graduate)
  • 2010: Editorial: Inaugural edition of the Journal for Sociology and Social Anthropology (JSSA) (as Guest Editor). Publishers: KRE, New Delhi
  • 2010: JSSA (pp 59-70) (With Koombi Sausi MA Graduate): “Voluntary Associations and Remittances among Nigerian Migrants Living in Central Durban.” In Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology (Special Volume): Contemporary Perspectives on Globalisation and Migration”.
  • 2011: Oriental Anthropologist: “PIOs in South Africa Astride two nationalisms: South African and Indian in one”
  • 2011: Editorial (With Sadhana Manik) Anthropologist (SAPSE accredited), Special Volume, No. 8 Global Mobility and Migration of Teachers: Issues, Identities and Infringements.
  • 2011: Anthropologist Understanding Teacher Migration and Identity in the 21st Century: An Historical Perspective, pp 1-12.
  • 2012: Oriental Anthropologist “From Ritualism to Vedanta: Hinduism in South Africa
  • 2013 (in Press) Journal of Social Sciences “Substance abuse among PIO children: Rehabilitation through Extended Family Intervention”


  • Swami Nischalananda A Short Biography: 2004: Published by the Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa, Durban
  • Indians in post-apartheid South Africa 2005: Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi, India.

Awards and Honors

  • University of Cape Town Scholarship(1982); HSRC Bursary (UCT: 1983); Nelson Mandela Scholarship (LSE: 1983-4); UKZN (2012-2014): Research Grant on India-Africa Relations in the 21st Century).


  • 2009: Gerelene Pattundeen: PhD completed
  • 2010: Koombi Sausi (MA); (PhD) Current
  • 2011: Zaheera Jinnah (PhD): completed
  • 2011: Nadene Harisunker (MA): completed
  • 2012: Aneesah Khan (MA); Sabelo Zondi (MA): completed (PhD) Current
  • 2012: Soomaya Khan (PhD) current.
  • 2014: Sheetal Bhoola (PhD): Under Examination

Community Engagement

  • A special project on indigenous knowledge systems and sustainable development, as well as on Children, Childhood and Youth was supported by South Africa’s National Research Foundation and the Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR India.) Thus far I have visited Sambalpur University in November 1999, and a reciprocal visit was made by Dr. Deepak Behera to UDW in September 2001. Work in our respective fields has already begun. Currently I am the convenor for the Commission for Migrant and Diaspora Studies, IUAES which collaborates with scholars on the subject from all over the world; Editor of “Journal for Sociology and Social Anthropology”; Currently preparing for the IUAES Inter-Congress in Bangkok, Thailand (15-17 July 2015) .

Research Projects

  • (Current) China and India in Africa;
  • India and its Diaspora through the PBD: Identity bonding or ‘call for money’?