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Candice Moore

Candice Moore


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Senior Lecturer


International Relations


Howard College Campus

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Degrees Held

  • ​PhD (International Relations) (LSE); 
  • MPhil (International Relations) (Cantab); 
  • BA Hons (Political Studies and Communication Studies) (RAU, now UJ)

Research Interests

  • South Africa foreign policy, Brazil foreign policy, International Relations Theory

Teaching Interests

  • International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis



  • Moore, Candice (ed.), 2013. Regional Integration and Social Cohesion: A view from the developing world, Peter Lang Publishers: Brussels, September 2013.
  • Moore, Candice. 2015. “Thabo Mbeki and South Africa’s African Identity: A review of twenty years of South Africa’s Africa policy”, African Identities, Vol.12, Issues 3-4, pp. 371-389.
  • Moore, Candice. 2014. “What Mbeki did Next: Continuities in the presidential and post-presidential diplomacy of Thabo Mbeki”, South African Journal of International Affairs, Vol.21, Issue 2, pp161-175.
  • Moore, Candice. 2013. “Twenty Years On, It’s All Academic: Progressive Academics and Moral Foreign Policy After Apartheid”, Politikon, Vol.40, Issue 3, pp545-563.
  • With Chris Landsberg. 2013. “BRICS, South-South Co-operation and the Durban Summit: What’s in it for South Africa?”, in Portuguese Journal of International Affairs, No.7, Spring/Summer 2013. (50% contribution)
  • With Chris Landsberg. 2011. “South Africa’s Libya Vote: How is Foreign Policy Decided?”, in New Agenda, Fourth Quarter, pp72-76. (50% contribution)
  • Moore, Candice. 2015. “Disciplining the Developing World? Perspectives from a South African IR”, in Bischoff, Paul-Henry, Kwesi Aning and Amitav Acharya (eds.), 2015, African in Global International Relations: Emerging approaches to theory and practice, Routledge Studies in African Politics and International Relations: London.
  • Moore, Candice. 2015. “Chapter 9: South Africa’s Relations with Latin America: An opportunity foregone?”, in Landsberg, Chris, Jo-Ansie van Wyk and Siphamandla Zondi (eds.), South African Foreign Policy Review: Volume 2. Forthcoming.
  • Moore, Candice. 2014. “Twenty Years On, It’s All Academic: Progressive Academics and Moral Foreign Policy After Apartheid”, in Vale, Peter and Pieter Fourie (eds.). 2014. Political Science in South Africa: The Last Forty Years. Routledge: London.
  • Moore, Candice. 2013. “Introduction: Social Cohesion and the Challenges of Integration: An unfolding African response?” in Candice Moore (ed.), Regional Integration and Social Cohesion: A view from the developing world,Peter Lang Publishers: Brussels, September 2013.


  • Dr Moore is currently supervising a number of PhD and Masters candidates. Some of the subject areas supervised include the domestic politics of Burundi, Black Industrialist Policy in South Africa; Amnesty in Nigeria, and Grassroots Reconciliation in Zimbabwe. She is interested in supervising in the broad areas of International Relations and African Politics.

Community Engagement

  • Editor in Chief: African Security Review (since January 2017)

Research Projects

  • Cohort Research Support for Postgrad Students; Internationalism in the Global South. New projects are in development.