School of Social Sciences

Cheryl Mohamed Sayeed

Cheryl Mohamed Sayeed


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Senior Lecturer


Public Policy


Howard College Campus

Office Address

MTB ZG 157

Research Interests

  • Development management and administration, governance, public service ethics

Teaching Interests

  • Public policy, research methodology



  • Mohamed Sayeed, C. 2016. Beyond codes of conduct towards a public service ethos in South Africa Lessons to be learned from Finland and Denmark. African Journal of Public Affairs 9(3): 39 – 51.
  • Mohamed Sayeed, C., Pillay, P. & Reddy, P.S. 2016. Innovation in rural development using Soft Systems Methodology. In Mindermann, G & Reddy, P.S (eds). Innovation in the Urban Age.  Eleven Publishers:  ISBN 978-94-6236-611-4. 
  • Mohamed Sayeed, C.N., Reddy, P.S. & Pillay, P. 2015. Minding the gap between policy and implementation amongst Extension Workers: Lessons from KZN.  South African Journal of Agricultural Extension, 43(1): 57- 65.
  • Pillay, P., Reddy, P.S & Mohamed Sayeed, C. 2015. The South African local government system and the study of Public Administration. In, Reddy, P.S. and De Vries, M. Quo Vadis? Local Governance and Development in South Africa since 1994. Bruylandt: Brussels.
  • Mohamed Sayeed, C., Pillay.P. & Reddy, P. S. 2014. Integrating accountability and transparency into the project cycle towards good governance. South African Journal of Agriculture Extension, 42 (1): 71 – 79.
  • Mohamed Sayeed, C. & Pillay, P. 2013. Assessing South Africa’s Food Security Strategy through a good governance lens. Politeia, 32 (2): 84-104.
  • Mohamed Sayeed, C. & Pillay, P. 2012. Skills development and professionalism to promote Food Security Policy Implementation in South Africa. African Journal of Public Affairs, 5 (2): 68-79.

Awards and Honors

  • Recipient of the Commonwealth Scholarship in 1998.
  • Recipient of a Long Service Award at MUT.
  • Served as a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the School of Management, Information and Governance at UKZN.


  • Currently supervising several areas including: Youth Empowerment Policy implementation in Zimbabwe; public participation in the eThekwini Municipality; international, national and local governance; and Water service delivery in the Eastern Cape, to name a few.

Community Engagement

  • Dr Mohamed Sayeed has extensive local, national and international linkages with academics, senior government officials and researchers in the fields of public and development administration, and in the areas of policy and development management.

Research Projects

  • Dr Mohamed Sayeed serves as a Research Associate with the Anti – Corruption Centre for Education and Research of the University of Stellenbosch (ACCERUS). She is currently engaged with research into teaching ethics at higher education institutions through this linkage.  Additionally, she is currently investigating the effectiveness of IDPs on poverty reduction within the eThekwini Municipality.