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Monique Emser

Monique Emser

Senior Lecturer

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Monique Emser

Position Senior Lecturer
Discipline International
and Public Affairs
Phone 031 260
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address ZG158,
MTB Ground Floor

Degrees held

  • BA (UND); BA Hons (UND); MA (HSB, Germany); PhD

Research Interests

  • Human Trafficking and Counter-Trafficking Governance, Child Pornography, Migration and Crime, Gender-Based Violence, Conflict, Unconventional Security Threats, Deviant Globalisation, Human Rights

Teaching Interests

  • International Relations, Political Science, Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies, Political Philosophy, EU Studies, Comparative Politics


  • Emser, M and Francis, S. 2017. ‘Counter-trafficking governance in South Africa: an analysis of the role of the KwaZulu-Natal human trafficking, prostitution, pornography and brothels task team’, Journal of Contemporary African Studies,
  • Emser, M and Francis, S. 2014. ‘Media waves and moral panicking: the case of the FIFA World Cup 2010’, Strategic Review for Southern Africa, Vol 36, No 2, 169–180.
  • Emser, M and Francis, S. 2014. ‘Human trafficking in South Africa: Political conundrums and consequences’, in L. Asuelime and S. Francis (eds.), Selected Themes in African Studies: Political Conflict and Stability, Advances  in  African  Economic, Social and Political Development, Springer International Publishing, 49–67.

Community Engagement

  • Member of the KwaZulu-Natal Human Trafficking, Harmful Traditional Practices, Prostitution, Pornography and Brothels Task Team (2009 – present)