School of Social Sciences

Tolulope Jolaade Adeogun

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Tolulope Jolaade Adeogun

Last Updated 3 years ago

Tolulope Jolaade Adeogun

Position Post-doctoral Scholar
Discipline Political Science
Phone 060 498 4682
Campus Pietermaritzburg Campus
Office Address 3rd floor, New Art Building

Degrees held

  • BSc. Political Science, (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria), MSc. Political Science, (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria) and PhD. Political Science, (University of KwaZuluNatal, South Africa) 

Research Interests

  • Gender and peace building, women’s organizations, conflict and peace studies, and governance and policy

Teaching Interests

  • Conflict transformation, Conflict management and peace building, Gender and politics, Gender and globalization, Democracy, Development and under development theories, etc


Journal Articles

  •  Adeogun T. J. and Isola, A. A. (2016), “Patriarchy and Customary Law as Major Cogs in the Wheel of Women’s Peace building in South Sudan” Journal of Gender, Information and Development in Africa (JGIDA) Vol. 5, Numbers 1 and 2. Pp 53-75. Contributed
  • Akinola O.A., Tella O. and Adeogun T.J.  (2015), “From Reformist to Pugnacious Rhetoric: Julius Malema and the South African Political Space”. Gandhi Marg Quarterly 37(1): 103–120 © 2015 Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi ISSN 0016—4437. Contributed
  • Adeogun T.J and Akinola A.O. (2014), “Youth Insurgency and Sustainable peace in Nigeria”. Journal of Faculty of Social Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, No1. Volume 24, 2014. Pp 1- 10. Contributed
  • strong>Adeogun, T.J. and Isola, A. A. (2011), “Evaluation of women’s right in the perspective of Human Rights under Democratic Government in Nigeria. Babcock Journal of Management and Social Sciences volume9 numbers1&2 July, 2011.pg171-186. Contributed
  • Akinola, A. O., & Adeogun, T.J. (2009). Globalisation and the Promise of Democratization in Africa. Journal of Social Policy and Society 4(2), pg. 5-12.
  • Obiyan M.O. and Adeogun T. J. (2012), “Strategic papers: A Critical Analysis from a Gender Perspective” in A.Sat. Obiyan and Kunle Amuwo (Eds) Nigeria’s democratic experience in the fourth republic since 1999: Policies and Politics, Lanham Md, USA: University press of America.
  • Adeogun T.J. (2016), “Nigerian women in Peace building Processes and its implication on peace building” In D.A.Yagboyaju (ed), Reflections on Politics, Governance and Economy in Contemporary Nigeria. University of Ibadan press. Pp 247-267
  • Adeogun T.J. and Isola A.A. (2016), “Understanding intelligence”, in D.A.Yagboyaju, Chris C. Ojuchwu, Mashud A S. and Oni E.O (Eds), Fundamentals of Politics and Governance. Concept Publications Limited Pp590-615 

Awards and Honors

  • Best overall graduating Student Award (OAU)
  • Best Female graduating Student Award (OAU)


  • 10 Under graduate students (OAU, Nigeria), 2 Post graduate diploma students (Ekiti state University, Nigeria) and currently 1 Msc. Student (Ukzn, PMB)

Community Engagement

  • Participating in workshops as part of the coordinating team and speaker on issues affecting our community (EKSU and UKZN communities)

Research Projects

  • “Women’s Organizations and Peace Building”