Jayanathan Govender

Jayanathan Govender

Position Senior Lecturer
Discipline Industrial, Organizational and labour Studies
Phone 031 260 1409
Email govenderj1@ukzn.ac.za
Campus Howard College Campus
Office Address 216, MTB

Degrees held

  • BA (UDW); BA Hons (UDW); MPA (UWC); DAdmin (UKZN)

Research Interests

  • Global labour studies; Civil society space; INGOs; Futures; BRICS Sociology (Sociology of youth in BRICS; Social justice in BRICS; Sociological practice in BRICS)  

Teaching Interests

  • Changing nature and organization of work; labour organizations/movements; education, skills and the labour market; women in the labour market; work, marginalization and global capitalism; child, atypical and forced labour

Research Projects

  • Social justice in BRICS countries; Knowledge production and research approaches of universities and INGOs

Awards and Honors

  • Golden Key (UKZN); Best lecturer (NMMU)



  • New spaces for citizens participation, Meena Book Publications. Delhi. 2015.

Papers (peer reviewed Journal articles and Book chapters)


  • Privatization in urban municipalities: A case of Durban Transport, NALEDI, 2001. http://www.naledi.org.za/pubs/2001/govender1.pdf
  • Overview of the South African tourism and hospitality sector, NALEDI, 2001 http://www.naledi.org.za/docs/hosp2.pdf#search=%22Jay%20Govender%22
  • Civil Society and the state, background research paper for the South Africa Human Development Report. UNDP, 2003.
  • Local Government participation policy and development, South African Journal of Public Administration, University of Pretoria, 2007.
  • Adapting to participatory forms of development planning: A Case study of eThekwini Municipality, Africanus, Journal of Development Administration, UNISA, 2007.
  • Strengthening local government participation through public administration and administrative justice, Journal of Commerce, Administration & Law, University of Zululand, 2008.
  • The imperative of participation South African local government, Africanus: Journal for Development Studies, UNISA, Vol. 41 Issue 2, 2011.
  • Dimensions of Participation and Implementation in South African Local Governance, Journal for Public administration. Administratio Publica, Journal of the Association of Southern African Schools and Departments of Public Administration and Management. Vol. 19. Issue 3. 3 September 2011.
  • Failing the public through public policy. African Journal of Public Affairs. Vol. 5. No. 1. June 2012.
  • Democratic decentralization, citizen engagement and service delivery in South Africa: a critique of legislative and policy considerations. Africanus. Journal of Development Studies. Vol. 43. No. 1. 2013.
  • The Rhetoric of Participation: A Study of the Planning and Development of Low-Income Human Settlements in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. Africanus, Journal of Development Studies. Vol. 43 (1). 2013.

Chapter in Book

  • Direct Politics: The Struggle for Participative Spaces in Local Government Decision Making, Society in Focus – Change, Challenge and Resistance: Reflections from South Africa and Beyond, Lindy Heinecken and Heidi Prozesky (Eds), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010.
  • Participation and partnerships on local level in South Africa, Global Trends in Public Sector Reform. Juraj Nemec and Michiel S de Vries (eds), Bruylant; International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration, 2012.
  • Policy management for effective public administration (co-authored with Prof PS Reddy). Public administration and management in South Africa: A developmental perspective. (eds.) Thornhill, C, van Dijk, G and Lle, I. Oxford University Press. Cape Town. 2014.


  • Chapter in book – Sociology of Youth in the BRICS Countries. (eds.) Tom Dwyer, University of Campinas, Brazil; Mikhail K. Gorshkov. Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia; Ishwar Modi, University of Jaipur, India; LI Chunling, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China; (SA eds.) Jay Govender, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and Simon Mapadimeng, Northwest University. Sage India. 2015.
  • Chapter in text book – Sociology. South Africa’s Youth. Oxford University Press. Cape Town. 2015.
  • Review of the provinces in South Africa: An analysis of the African National Congress’s vision for provincial government. Politeia. South African Journal for Political Science and Public Administration. UNISA Press. 2015.


  • MPA, MA Sociology and PhDs

Community Engagement

  • Anti-apartheid activism; civic rights; local government participation; economic migrants

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