School of Social Sciences

Moya Bydawell

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Moya Bydawell




Contact Number 033-260-5358

CampusPietermaritzburg Campus

Office Address New Arts Block, Room 337

Last Updated 4 months ago


  • Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) – University of Natal;
  • Masters in Social Science- University of Natal
  • PhD (UKZN)

Research interests

  • Gender
  • Poverty
  • Development
  • Education

Selected Publications


  • Misgun, B; Bydawell, M & Burton, S. “Oribi Villiage Revisited: A
    Case Study of Desegregation and Social Integration in South Africa”. Loyola Journal of the Social Sciences. 2009, XXIII (2), pp 195- 214.


  • Liddell, C, Barrett L & Bydawell M. “Indigenous Beliefs and
    Attitudes to AIDS precautions among young adults in a rural South
    African community: An Empirical Study”. Annals of Behavioural Medicine. 2006, 32 (3), pp 218-225.


  • Giles M; Liddell C & Bydawell M. “Condom Use in African Adolescents: The Role of Individual and group factors”. AIDS Care-Psychological and Socio-Medical aspects of Aids/ HIV. 2005, 17 (6), pp 729-739.
  • Liddell, C, Barrett L & Bydawell M. “Indigenous Representations of Illness and HIV/Aids in Sub Saharan Africa”. Social Science & Medicine. 2005, 60 (4), pp 691-700.
  • Piper, L, Macdonald, C, Bydawell M, Burton S & Dutton V. “They don’t
    know who’s who in the zoo’: the strange failure of state-managed racial
    desegregation in the government village of Oribi, Pietermaritzburg”. Society in Transition, 2005, 36 (1), pp 97 -112.


  • Bydawell, M. “AFRA Confronts Gender Issues”. Gender and Development. 1997, 5 (1), pp 43-48.



  • Socy 201: Classical Sociological Theory
  • Socy202: Social Change
  • Socy303: Contemporary theory- Sociology of Gender
  • Socy305: Research Design: An Introduction



  • Socy707: Rural Studies, Gender and Development


  • Socy815: Comparative development