School of Social Sciences

Cultural and Heritage Tourism

This is an inter-disciplinary field of study which focuses on various aspects of local culture and heritage and on the implications of their development as tourist attractions. The field draws on economics, art and craft, languages, architecture, history, human geography and other disciplines which are all centrally involved with the heritage industry and with tourism.

We offer the following programmes in the field of Cultural and Heritage Tourism:
BA, Bsoc Sc, Bsoc Sc hons, MSoc Sc and PhD

The BA in Cultural and Heritage Tourism (which is offered both as a major or as a structure degree) is a three-year degree which produces competent experts who are able to act as managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, tour operators, researchers and educators in the emerging field of cultural and heritage tourism. Graduates will be sensitised to current debates in this field of study, where ‘heritage’ extends beyond historical sites and artefacts to include the environment and contemporary cultural practices.

Joram Ndlovu
Dr. Mabuyi Gumede
Taemane Phoofolo